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Those who meet the requirements for your safety and satisfaction, display the Quality Assurance Mark

Treatments You Can Trust Quality Assurance MarkWhere you see the Quality Assurance Mark you can be sure of:

  • Safe treatment
  • From a trained practitioner
  • In a suitable facility.


Where you see the Quality Assurance Mark:

  • you will be in the care of a specially qualified doctor, dentist or registered nurse.
  • who will follow the rules of their profession in treating you.
  • who will care for you properly
  • whose advertisements will be legal, decent and honest
  • who will treat you fairly and confidentially.

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Even the most experienced of cosmetic doctors say “It is your body - take care of it!

Check for yourself:

  • who treats you,
  • where you are treated, and
  • with what substance.

ABC - Always Background Check


When you see the Quality Assurance Mark you can be sure that you will receive safe treatment from a trained practitioner, in a suitable facility.


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