Where health professionals apply quality assurance to cosmetic injectable treatments

What is Treatments You Can Trust?

cliniciansTreatments You Can Trust is a quality assurance scheme for cosmetic injectable providers.

Successful Registration demonstrates to potential consumers that a practitioner and their premises meet the Standards.

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Click to download the JCCP Presentation on Non-surgical Treatments October 2016

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pdf Download the GMC Press Release -
      Tough new standards for doctors carrying out cosmetic procedures - 11 April 2016 (151 KB)

The full GMC Guidelines can be accessed from the TYCT Standards Page

Standards for Injectable Cosmetic Treatment (version 5) dated February 2016, can be obtained from this website. They are referenced to the statutory regulation powers of the health professional regulators General Medical Council, General Dental Council and Nursing and Midwifery Council; also the Medicines Act and The Health and Safety Act Section 3 and evidenced good industry practice.

Applications are assessed against the Standards by an independent Registrar.

The register is required to be independent of particular professional groups or commercial bodies. It is overseen by a Treatments You Can Trust Governance Board to ensure it remains focused upon patient benefit.

pdf Download the Treatments You Can Trust Governance Group Terms of Reference (163 KB)

The Treatments You Can Trust Register is searchable on the Treatments You Can Trust website. Cosmetic Quality-Assurance Ltd promotes the Register in appropriate media likely to be seen by potential consumers.


  • A Practitioner is an individual who is appropriately trained (ie, the training meets the requirements of the Health Education England framework) to administer cosmetic injectable treatments and is therefore eligible to appear on the Register. At present (January 2015) only licensed doctors, dentists and Registered nurses will be eligible.
  • A Lead Practitioner is a practitioner who is professionally responsible for one or more practitioners and whose name is displayed on the Register as such.
  • Premises are a place which meets the TYCT Standards and where treatment takes place.
  • A Clinic Organisation will be under one ownership. It will have unified clinical governance arrangements for all its Premises and one or more registered staff practitioners under a Lead Practitioner.


Application to enter the Register is completed on this website

Further background information

Treatments You Can Trust was originally encouraged by the Department of Health for the protection of consumers. Initiated in 2010 by Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS), it is now operated by Cosmetic Quality-Assurance Ltd under the guidance of the Treatments You Can Trust Governance Group drawn from among industry and independent leaders. It meets the requirements of the Review of Cosmetic Interventions 2013 by the Department of Health which recommended that:

All practitioners must be registered centrally. The register should be independent of particular professional groups or commercial bodies, and should be funded through registration fees.

Entry to the register should be subject to:

  • achievement of accredited qualification
  • premises meeting certain requirements
  • adherence to a code of practice that covers handling complaints and redress, insurance requirements, responsible advertising practice and consent practices
  • continued demonstration of competence through an annual appraisal.

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Treatments You Can Trust accredited by the Professional Standards Authority

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