Injectable cosmetic treatment information for patients

Thinking about having Cosmetic Injectable Treatments?

before and after cosmetic injectable treatmentWe will:

  • Help you to find cosmetic injectable treatments from clinics and individuals who have been checked against rigorous Standards
  • Give you impartial, independent advice and information on cosmetic injectable treatments
  • And help you find safe treatments carried out by trained practitioners in clinics where you might wish to go.
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What are cosmetic injectable treatments?

Cosmetic injectable treatments are carried out to enhance your appearance using injectable medicines and products such as botulinum toxin (BOTOX ®) or dermal fillers (Restylane ®, Teosyal ® or Juvederm ®). These are used to reduce wrinkles or fill facial lines.


There is no Industry Regulation by Government

There is no statutory regulation of cosmetic injectable treatments. So doctors, dentists and nurses who give cosmetic treatments join this voluntary register. We treatments you can trust, validate their compliance with the many rules about cosmetic treatments.


What is Treatments You Can Trust

A community interest company (not for profit), treatments you can trust checks the person and the clinic to make sure they comply with the spirit and the letter of the rules. The rules are laid down in lots of documents by many authorities, so you are unlikely to be able to do this yourself even if you knew how. So treatments you can trust does it for you. We charge clinics for doing this.

Treatmens you can Trust is overseen by a Treatments You Can Trust Governance Board to ensure it remains focused upon patient benefit – your benefit.

We then publish the name of accepted clinics and practitioners on a Public Register.


Why choose a Treatments You Can Trust registered provider?

treatments you can trust youtube 01We explain in this video (click to see).

When you select a Treatments You Can Trust registered provider you can be sure that you are receiving safe treatment from a trained practitioner, in a suitable facility.

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Important Notes

This is not about Cosmetic Surgery – it is about non-surgical procedures using injections.

Treatments You Can Trust advises that no one under the age of 18 years should receive either injectables or laser / ILS treatments unless there is a sound clinical indication and then only under the direct supervision of a medical practitioner.