Compliments and Concerns

Most providers of injectable cosmetic treatments will ask their patients to complete a satisfaction survey after treatment. We hope every patient will participate as satisfaction surveys directly contribute to the future safety and quality of such treatments.

Treatments You Can Trust (TYCT) expects that, if anyone has a complaint or concern about TYCT actions, this will first be put to TYCT for local resolution.

If a concern or complaint about actions by TYCT cannot be settled between the parties, TYCT will, with the agreement of the complainant, refer the matter to the independent Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) for mediation.

Failing such agreement or if mediation does not result in agreement, then a complaint may be made to the Professional Standards Authority (PSA). PSA states that "if you are unhappy with the way that TYCT handled your complaint or another part of its role and think it does not meet our standards you can Contact Us".

Note: PSA do not consider complaints about individuals on the TYCT Accredited Register, as PSA expect TYCT to handle these concerns.

What is mediation?

Mediation is an informal process for settling disputes through direct negotiations. A trained mediator contacts the parties directly, usually by telephone, to attempt to facilitate mutually acceptable resolution to the complaint. Any settlement reached through mediation will become binding as a contractual agreement.

Who are the mediators?

The mediators have all been trained and accredited under CEDR Mediator skills training course to be professional mediators. CEDR Accreditation of a mediator is internationally recognised as the World standard of excellence, with over 10,000 professionals trained in 60 countries over the last 25 years.