Treatments You Can Trust Register
Terms and Conditions

To Support Application, Payment, Registration and renewal of Registration

What Registration will mean

Registration to this Scheme will entitle you to be included on the Treatments You Can Trust Register of Cosmetic Injectable Treatment Providers (the 'Register') and to display the Treatments You Can Trust Quality Mark (the 'Quality Mark').

Acceptance on the Register means that you have satisfied us that you meet the requirements of the Treatments You Can Trust Standards for Cosmetic Injectable Treatments (the 'Standards') and are aware of the Injectable Cosmetic Treatments Training Principles (Training Principles).

You as a Practitioner are professionally responsible for your clinical performance. Acceptance on this Register does not remove or share this responsibility.

We require that you are registered with your professional regulator when on the TYCT Register; and inform us immediately if you cease to be registered with your professional regulator or your registration is conditional.

We will expect you to inform patients of your Registration and what it means.  We will provide you with display material.

We expect that you comply with the Registrar’s request during the registration period. We retain a suitably qualified person as Registrar, who is responsible for assessing your application and deciding that you qualify for the Register, or do not.

Once you are added to the Register it is a condition of your registration that we may visit your premises at short notice and we may request information to demonstrate continued compliance to the Standards. If we believe you do not continue to meet the Standards we will remove you temporarily or permanently from the Register. In this case we may not refund fees you have already paid.

If you believe that publication of your name may imperil you in any way, please explain the circumstances for us to review.

Before you apply for registration you will need to study the Standards. These can be obtained from this website here.


Proceed to Register or Renewal of Registration

  • We ask you to apply to be registered or renew your registration using this website here.  
  • We ask you to nominate one person to be responsible for the application and fees and to give us their contact details.
  • We expect you to complete fully and accurately the information we ask for.
  • We expect you to pay the appropriate fee.  

External checks. You can expect the Registrar to confirm what you tell us with professional regulators and other third party authorities, and to assess what you tell us against the Standards.  

Time limit. We ask you within 8 weeks of the date of your first application to complete the application information, supply documentary evidence of compliance where appropriate and any further or additional evidence the Registrar requires.  We may extend this time limit at our discretion.

Application withdrawn. Once you have applied to join the Register and uploaded your information, and before the Registrar has started to assess you, if you decide not to complete your application for any reason, an administrative charge of 20% of the registration fee will be retained and the remainder of your fees will be refunded.

Application not continued. Should you within 8 weeks not provide the information needed by the Registrar to the satisfaction of the Registrar, we will send you a reminder. Should your response fail to reach us within 10 days, we will consider your application cancelled. In this case, we will retain all your fees paid.


Review of Evidence

Acceptance. Once you have uploaded your evidence, the Registrar will review your documents and will ask you for an interview on your premises or by telephone.  The Registrar will either accept you on the Register or decline to register you, based upon what you have demonstrated. A decision will usually be made within 10 days.

Once accepted, you can expect us to inform you and provide your certificate, display material and to confirm your entry on the public Register.  Shortly thereafter, you can expect us to display your details on the public Register.

Partial acceptance.  You will be advised of the reasons that you have not been added to the directory if this is appropriate. You may want to put right any missing elements identified by the Registrar. We will accept your further evidence to support your re-application after initial refusal, a maximum of two additional submissions, if sent to us within 2 months of first refusal. In this case we may retain your entire application fee.

Appeal. If you are refused and you want to appeal against the decision of the Registrar, we will first ask another qualified person to review what you have said.  If you want to appeal after a second refusal, the Treatments You Can Trust Governance Board will review this decision independently.


Registration Period

Registration will be for a period of twelve months from the date of successful application.  The first and second annual renewals will require you to re-affirm that you meet the Standards.  On third renewal we re-inspect your governance information more fully.


Withdrawal of Registration

The sanctions available to TYCT for registrants who disregard the TYCT Standards

Advise. Where TYCT perceives that a registrant has transgressed the Standards inadvertently and has failed immediately to put it right after the matter has been drawn to attention, an advisory letter will be issued setting out the cause for concern and requesting the recipient remedy it. The advice should be acted upon within 3 months. It will be recorded by TYCT, taken into account at next annual renewal, but not displayed on the Public Register. It will be considered spent after one year.

Warn. Where TYCT perceives an action by a registrant that is a deliberate transgression of the TYCT Standards (such as concealing a fitness to practice finding by a statutory regulator; or misleading a patient about fees; or reckless disregard of the Standards) TYCT will seek remedy by the registrant. Failure or inability to remedy the fault will result in a warning letter from TYCT setting out the transgression and warning the recipient to both remedy the fault and undertake not to repeat it. The warning will be recorded, and remain on the TYCT record for 2 years. If the transgression has potential to cause harm to the public, the TYCT Governance Board may direct that the warning be displayed on the Public Register for period of up to 2 years.

Report to a professional regulator. If TYCT perceives that conduct by a registrant may transgress the terms of his professional registration with a statutory regulator, or the rules of any agency with powers at law (for example; Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA); the Advertising Standards Authority; Companies House; or the police) TYCT may without warning report the circumstances to the appropriate authority for further investigation and disciplinary action. The Professional Regulator’s findings will be displayed in the registrant’s entry on the Public Register until spent. Fitness to practice findings will be referenced on the public register.

Remove from the Register. If TYCT Finds that advice, warning or findings of an investigation by a professional regulator show continued disregard of the TYCT Standards; or that registrant actions have brought TYCT Register into disrepute; then TYCT will remove the offender from the Public Register and all benefits of registration. The name of the offending professional will be displayed on the TYCT Public Register with details of the reason for removal, for the information of the public, for a period of five years. The details of the practitioner concerned and the reasons for removal from the Public Register will be shared with all other Accredited Registers.

We publish the names of practitioners who have been removed from the Public Register for disciplinary reasons.

If Registration is withdrawn for any reason, we will require you to cease any claim to TYCT validation such as use of the Quality Assurance Mark or related information. Failure to do so will result in us seeking redress at law.

Application to be restored to the Register following removal for disciplinary reasons may be made once the term of the sanctions applied by the regulator or TYCT Governance Board has passed. Those who have been removed from the statutory regulator listing will need to regain their professional registration before re-admission to TYCT will be considered.


Patient Complaints

Registrants are advised to consider the undertakings given to patients wishing to make a complaint about their provider or TYCT, which can be found on this website at: