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For all providers on the Treatments You Can Trust Register


jccp logoJoint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) - Update

The two key elements of the new Joint Council are now in place.

  • The JCCP will be the Regulatory Authority and the Clinical Standards Practice Authority (CSPA) (formerly CSA) will be the standard setting body
  • The CPSA will set clinical and practice standards and will take into consideration evidence based practice, untoward incidents and learn from a Complaints database
  • The educational standards set by the HEE have now formally transferred in ownership to the JCCP/CSPA
  • A new JCCP Strategic Development Group has been established to guide the development phase of the project
  • The JCCP will establish a new ‘Code of Practice’ that complements other statutory regulators but with specific reference to aesthetics
  • The JCCP and the CPSA will have reciprocal representation to ensure continuity
  • The beauty sector will now be brought into the process and represented by HABIA at all levels. A separate sub Group of the JCCP has been established to develop the definition of an Aesthetic Beauty Practitioner and to agree an appropriate name and framework of standards that will be based around the original HEE framework
  • The JCCP will be establishing a register which TYCT will be responding to run when the expression for interest is released on 23 January 2017
  • The JCCP will establish relationships with other statutory registers.

JCCP website is at www.bacn.org.uk/JCCP


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Cosmetic Industry Awards


Two TYCT Quality Assurance Mark holders gain major industry awards

The Swisscode Award for Best Clinic Group UK and Ireland has been awarded to sk:n Group. Close behind sk:n was The Private Clinic, who was Highly Commended.

This award was open to any clinic group with more than 10 clinics in the UK and Ireland. The groups were judged as a whole on commitment to excellence in customer service, patient care and patient safety and evidence of good feedback from customers/patients.

The Directors of TYCT said: “Congratulations to both Groups for leading the industry. These exemplary companies sought out third party verification of their standards from the Treatments You Can Trust Register, for the very reason that they wanted potential customers to be able to choose a truly trustworthy practitioner from among the many potential contenders. They went the extra mile to make patients feel assured”.

Winner - sk:n Group

sk:n Award Winners 2016sk:n tells TYCT Newsletter it was founded in 1990 in Harrogate in a private clinic. It is the largest network of skin clinics in the UK with over 450,000 clients and delivering 23,000 treatments per month. sk:n has a national network of 40 specialist skin centres from Aberdeen to Portsmouth. It is home to more leading consultant dermatologists, doctors, plastic surgeons, registered nurses and therapists than any other dermatology service provider offering over 200 clinically proven, affordable and innovative treatments and products for a wide variety of conditions. It claims to offer more doctor-led treatments than any other skin clinic in the UK.

the private clinic logoTYCT Newsletter met with The Private Clinic, who told us it was founded in 1983. To date , they tell us, they have treated over 100,000 patients nationwide in clinics throughout the UK. The Private Clinic only offers treatments that its growing team of Doctors and Surgeons specialise in.

The Private Clinic group acquired Aurora Clinics in April 2016, which increased The Private Clinic’s 8 clinics and 13 consulting locations by an additional 22 clinic and hospital locations. This makes The Private Clinic of Harley Street Group the third largest cosmetic surgery group within the UK by market share.

Aurora Clinics and The Private Clinic conducted over 1000 surgical cases in 2015.


Changes in Scotland


Scotland – Compulsory registration of cosmetic clinics

Registration opened on 1 April 2016, and since then 258 services are completing their applications. It is estimated that there are around 500 independent clinics in Scotland which must register. Registered clinics in Scotland will be subject to regular inspections.

Kevin Freeman-Ferguson, a Senior Inspector with Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS), said. “Registration has been introduced in Scotland to help improve safety for those people who use independent clinics and to ensure that clinics continue to improve the services that they provide”. He has written that independent clinics that choose not to register with Healthcare Improvement Scotland will be in breach of the legislation and risk being reported to the Procurator Fiscal for prosecution. He indicated to TYCT that providers registered with Treatments You Can Trust would be considered to meet HIS “ gold standard”.

Cosmetic sector representation in Scotland with HIS

Dermal Clinic director Jackie Partridge is appointed to the Programme Board as a representative for the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN) to provide a voice for nursing stakeholders affected by the law change.

She said: "We believe that patient safety should always be the prime concern. There are many reputable clinics and practitioners in Scotland but, like any sector or industry, there exists some that do not maintain the highest of standards."

Registration fees in Scotland


The Treatments You Can Trust Register

With nearly 50 new admissions to the Register so far this year, there are now over 320 validated trustworthy practitioners available for the public to select from the Treatments You Can Trust Public Register. A high proportion are doctors, reflecting the make up of the professional teams among the large provider groups who are registered. Many newcomers to the Register are dentists, since this profession is expanding its interest in injectable cosmetic treatments. Registered nurses are particularly numerous in the larger clinics.

The Register is easily found by anyone interested in cosmetic injectable treatments via Google, where it is usually listed within the first two or three entries displayed when looking for cosmetic injectable treatments. Visitors to the Professional Standards Authority website seeking cosmetic providers are taken straight to the Treatments You Can Trust Register.


Voluntary Register of Laser Providers

laser on skinTreatments You Can Trust has applied to the Professional Standards Authority to establish an accredited register of cosmetic laser providers. Admission standards will relate to the Essential Standards regarding Class 3B and Class 4 Lasers and Intense Light Sources in Non – Surgical Applications, which are now to be re-published by the British Medical Laser Association but were for many years published by Treatments You Can Trust in conjunction with ALPHA and Habia.


For Dentists


General Dental Council

gdc logoThe GDC is considering how it will decide who on its Register should be permitted to conduct injectable cosmetic treatments. This will be particularly relevant to dental hygienists. We will report on its decisions, when known.


For Registered Nurses


mnc logoNursing Revalidation Update

Ipsos Mori have begun the key initial element of the NMC’s formal evaluation of revalidation.

The questionnaire will go out to three cohorts: those who have revalidated whose renewal dates were at the end of October, November and December 2016; those due to revalidate whose renewal dates are at the end of October, November and December 2017, and those due to revalidate whose renewal dates are at the end of October, November and December 2018.  The communication went out to everyone on the 28th November except for those due to revalidate in November 2016 and December 2016; they will receive a communication in mid-December and mid-January respectively.


For Marketing Teams


Committee on Advertising Practice to review standards applicable to cosmetic providers’ advertising.

The Compliance team at the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) is carrying out some work in co-operation with the MHRA regarding advertising for botulinum toxin injections (BTIs).  As you know, botulinum toxin is a prescription only medicine and cannot be advertised to the public under rule 12.12 of the CAP Code and Regulations 282 to 293 of the Human Medicines Regulation 2012.

The project seeks to ensure that marketers offering BTI’s do not advertise their products to the public; it will do this by increasing the industry’s understanding of the Code rules, the relevant law and by providing CAP/MHRA guidance on appropriate marketing for these products and services.  The project will focus on giving an overview of Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rulings on BTI related advertising, and the main issues advertisers need to be aware of when promoting their service. The guidance will also contain information about CAP’s free advice service for marketers.


Treatments You Can Trust Governance Board met on 16 November

Present were

  • Baroness Trish Morris OBE
  • Dr Andrew Vallance Owen MBE Deputy Chairman
  • Roy Lilley, Entrepreneur
  • Marcus Eleftheriou – Irwin Mitchell
  • Peter Rottier - Northgate Public Information Services (NPS)
  • Darren Grasby – Sk:n
  • James Farquarson – The Harley Medical Group
  • Valentina Petrone – The Private Clinic

The Governance Board decided that Treatments You Can Trust should support JCCP in every possible way, and discussed how this might be done. The Board assented to JCCP’s request for Sally Taber to participate in JCCP deliberations where her expertise might be valuable, without compromise to the Governance Board’s aims.


Treatments You Can Trust 2017 Quality Assurance Mark

The Quality Assurance Mark, which is awarded to all successful applicants to the Register, has been updated for 2017. We will be mailing copies of the Quality Mark to all on the Public Register, with advice on how to make best use of its distinctive design in marketing.


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Next issue of Treatments You Can Trust Newsletter

  • JCCP Progress
  • General Dental Council issues about injectable Cosmetics interventions
  • The new Treatments You Can Trust Website and Public Register
  • Using the Treatments You Can Trust Quality Assurance Mark to best effect



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