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For all providers on the Treatments You Can Trust Register


Major new move to enhance the professional standards of the cosmetic sector

nuffield councils logoThe Nuffield Council on Bioethics makes far-reaching recommendations to improve the conduct of the cosmetic industry and its regulation. In TYCT’s opinion, this is the most comprehensive assessment of the sector made in recent years, and we believe that is will have a profound influence upon its future.

For the busy practitioner. The report examines the growing proliferation, promotion and use of invasive cosmetic procedures, considering the progress made since the 2013 report by Sir Bruce Keogh, alongside the wider societal context of these trends. It concludes that further action to promote ethical practice is urgently needed: both to ensure the safe supply of cosmetic procedures; and with respect to influences that encourage people to consider such procedures. It finds that better data on the use of procedures, and more research to improve the evidence base, are required, in order to improve practice and protect prospective users. The report concludes that all the recommendations in the Keogh report should be implemented in full.

We commend every practitioner who wishes to continue to practice from 2018 onwards to study the short guide that summarises key findings and recommendations. It is on the TYCT website:

The Report makes additional recommendations relating to:

  • better controls over the practitioners, products and premises used in the supply of cosmetic procedures;
  • Limitations on access to cosmetic procedures by children and young people; and
  • Action by advertisers, social media companies and others to recognise and respond to the way that social and other media might be contributing to rising anxiety about body image, and the perceived need to conform to harmful and potentially discriminatory appearance ideals.

TYCT participated in the preparation of the report by contributing experience gained over the past 7 years of the TYCT Register of practitioners of injectable cosmetics and was thanked by the Council and the Working Party for contributing to the development of this report.


mhra logo

MHRA - Mandatory new EU Regulations for Cosmetic interventions

New EU legislation was published in May that will mean that the regulation of the following products relevant to the cosmetic sector will come under the auspices of the MHRA:

  • Products intended to be totally or partially introduced into the human body through surgically invasive means for the purpose of modifying the anatomy or fixation of body parts with the exception of tattooing products and piercings;
  • Substances, combinations of substances, or articles intended to be used for facial or other dermal or mucous membrane filling by subcutaneous, submucous or intradermal injection or other introduction, excluding those for tattooing;
  • Equipment intended to be used to reduce, remove or destroy adipose tissue, such as equipment for liposuction, lipolysis or lipoplasty;
  • High intensity electromagnetic radiation (e.g. infra-red, visible light and ultra-violet) emitting equipment intended for use on the human body, including coherent and non-coherent sources, monochromatic and broad spectrum, such as lasers and intense pulsed light equipment, for skin resurfacing, tattoo or hair removal or other skin treatment.

The legislation comes into effect in May 2020 although manufacturers of these products will be able to place products on the market that are compliant with the new rules before then.


Medical Convention 2017

Friday 10 November 2017
The Vox Conference Centre, Resorts World, Birmingham

!!! Reduced entry fee for TYCT practitioners and clinic managers !!!

sk:n are sponsoring this annual forum where many of the country’s leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons come together to explore the latest in new treatments and technologies.

  • Dermatologists and doctors share their expertise in their exclusive seminars
  • Networking opportunities
  • Lunch and refreshments provided
  • Aesthetics and skincare exhibitors
  • CPD points

Discounted ticket for TYCT Registered practitioners and delegates

To book your discounted ticket for the Medical Convention 2017 event please follow the instructions below;

  1. Go to www.2017medicalconvention.eventbrite.co.uk
  2. Select TICKETS
  3. Click on Enter promotional code and add your promotional discount code MC2017. This will discount the ticket price by 40%.
  4. Select your discounted delegate ticket and CHECKOUT


Cosmetic Surgery (Standards) Bill First reading in the House of Lords

Lord Lansley’s Cosmetic Surgery Regulation Bill - Former Health Secretary, Rt Hon Lord Lansley, has successfully tabled a private members’ bill through the House of Lords’ Peers private members’ bill ballot to improve the regulation of cosmetic surgery. The Bill will enable the General Medical Council to note on its medical register which surgeons have been awarded the RCS’ cosmetic surgery certification, which identifies which surgeons are suitably qualified and skilled to undertake cosmetic surgery. This would allow employers and patients to check which surgeons they should use.


New Government Health Team

Jeremy Hunt remains as Secretary of State

  • for the business and policies of the department, including financial control
  • oversight of all NHS delivery and performance

Philip Dunn remains as Minister of State

  • Care Quality Commission
  • Health Education England
  • NHS Improvement

Philip Dunn is the Minister responsible for the cosmetic agenda and has taken an interest in the formation of the JCCP

Lord O’Shaughnessy remains as Under Secretary of State –

  • NHS Litigation Authority
  • NHS Property Services and Community Health Partnerships
  • NHS Business Services Authority
  • NHS Blood & Transplant
  • Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
  • Food Standards Agency
  • Human Tissue Authority

Two new Ministers have been appointed. They are:-

Steve Brine MP (Winchester)
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health
A former radio journalist and local public relations man from David Cameron’s favoured 'A-list', Steve Brine won Winchester back from the Liberal Democrats in 2010, started to climb his way up the frontbench with a series of Parliamentary Private Secretary appointments before becoming Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health.

Jackie Doyle-Price MP (Thurrock)
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health
Jackie Doyle-Price was elected as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Thurrock in the May 2010 general election. She retained the seat in 2015 and 2017. In May 2015 she was made an Assistant Whip.


Professor Ted Baker will be CQC's new Chief Inspector of Hospitals

cqc logoProfessor Ted Baker has been appointed as CQC’s new Chief Inspector of Hospitals and will take over the role from Professor Sir Mike Richards who is to retire at the end of July.

Professor Baker has been in his current role as Deputy Chief Inspector of Hospitals since January 2014, when he joined CQC to support the development and implementation of a new approach to hospital inspection.


New phase of CQC Regulation

Next Phase of regulation consultation now open, says CQC

Your opportunity to comment. CQC told us: “On Monday 12 June 2017 we launched our second consultation on our next phase of regulation. We are seeking views on specific proposals for how we will:

  • improve the structure of registration and clarify our definition of registered providers
  • monitor, inspect and rate new models of care and large or complex providers
  • use our unique knowledge to encourage improvements in the quality of care in local areas
  • regulate primary medical services and adult social care services
  • carry out our role in relation to the fit and proper persons requirement.

We want to keep the elements that we know people value, and to improve what people tell us we can do better. We will continue to work with people who use services, providers, professionals and our other local and national partners to co-produce what we do.


TYCT Governance Board member honoured by the Queen

In the Queen’s Birthday Honours List Dr Sarah Pape was made an OBE.

Dr Pape is the medical director of the sk:n clinic in Newcastle upon Tyne and a member of the Treatments you can Trust Governance Board.

She is Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Royal Victoria Infirmary Newcastle Upon Tyne and receives the OBE for services to the treatment of burns patients in the UK and Romania.

Dr Sarah Pape is a leading UK expert in her two main fields of work - the treatment of acute burns and reconstructive plastic surgery. In 2015, following a devastating fire at the Club Colectiv nightclub in Bucharest where 64 Romanians lost their lives, Dr Pape voluntarily deployed to the scene within hours of hearing of the incident. She arrived in Romania at a critical point with the Romanian medical system overwhelmed dealing with over 150 casualties of which 88 requiring critical care, and insufficient burns facilities across the country. In the immediate aftermath, Dr Pape provided expert clinical advice to Romanian medics and helped coordinate the emergency response across three hospitals in Bucharest. In the following days, Dr Pape worked tirelessly to help arrange the transfer of many patients with severe burns to other European countries in order to facilitate the specialist care they required and to free up resources in the Romanian system. Thanks to her vital contribution, many of these patients received a higher level of care than they otherwise could have expected.

On learning of her award Sarah Pape said “While I am honoured to receive this acknowledgement of my initiation and co-ordination of the UK response to the Bucharest night club fire, the fact that so many patients survived reflects the quality of care provided in Romania, during their evacuation and in many burns centres around the UK”.


Raising money for Skin Cancer

I met two amazing brothers yesterday at the BAD conference who are working with the British Skin Foundation to raise money in memory of their late father who died of skin cancer.

Lisa Mason
Head of Medical Standards, sk:n


Launch of Essential Standards for lasers reported in the press

laser therapyThe British Medical Laser Association (BMLA) is to launch “Essential Standards” for the safe use of laser and light sources in non-surgical aesthetic applications at the forthcoming BMLA Annual Conference.


BMJ are running a poll asking if dermal fillers should be prescription only

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) started a poll on its website last week asking...Should dermal fillers only be available with prescriptions?

Their decision to run this poll follows the BMJ coverage on the publication of a report by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics called Cosmetic procedures: Ethical issues which called for dermal fillers to be reclassified as prescription only medical devices, as recommended in the original Keogh report in 2013.

(More on the Nuffield report elsewhere in this newsletter)

Thus far, the poll has gathered 570 votes with 88% (502) in favour of the move. It is currently uncertain what the BMJ plan to do with the results, but many within the aesthetic sector are urging participation, and sharing of the poll, both with peers and patients, and the public at large, in the hope that the data returned can be put to good use with decision makers.

Cheryl Barton, Aesthetic Nurse, Consultant Editor of Journal of Aesthetic Nursing and TYCT Governance Council Member, was the first to raise awareness of the BMJ poll. She said;

"How much longer do we have wait?

Sir Liam Donaldson said in the 2005 Expert Group on the Regulation of Cosmetic Surgery: Report to the Chief Medical Officer "Given that new filling agents are regularly entering the market, better regulation and licensing of fillers is needed"; recommendations 11-14.

He recommended that - "facilities where aesthetic fillers are injected will be licensed and subject to the regulations of the (then) Healthcare Commission." This was agreed in principle by the government.

Fast forward 8 years...

“Dermal Fillers – a disaster waiting to happen” – Sally Taber, quoted by The Times, January 2013.

"it is our view that dermal fillers are a crisis waiting to happen"; Sir Bruce Keogh - April 2013. He also added, "Aesthetic injectables should only ever be provided by medical professionals."

The government response came in February 2014 and the issue of fillers was swerved again. We are now, in the UK, in the ludicrous position whereby these injectable medical devices have become known as "Martini" treatments - Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime, by Anyone - and that is not good for patients, not good for the manufacturers and not good for those of us who use these devices day in day out in 2017, in our modern aesthetic practices."


For Registered Nurses


nmc logo

Nursing and Midwifery council consults on future of (nurse) education

Do you think nursing education will look the same in 2030 as it does today?

Over the next few years we will radically change the standards that set out how both nurses and midwives are educated.

This week NMC launched a consultation to find out what you think about our proposals for the future of nursing education

Students, educators, nurses and members of the public across the UK have told us what they think will change between now and 2030, and with their help, we have produced new draft standards. The draft standards include:

  • Draft standards for education – these set out how students will be trained and educated in the future
  • Draft standards of proficiency – these set out what nurses will be able to do when they join the register
  • Our proposals for prescribing.

We think these draft standards will make sure that the nurses of the future will join the profession with the skills and knowledge they will need in the future – what do you think?

Find out more about our suggested changes to education, and share your views through NMC website before 12 September.


For Marketing Teams


Help new clients find you more easily

Practitioners like their practice to be endorsed. That’s what the TYCT Public Register does. Did you know you can link your own website to it (to find out how to do this, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for instructions) - now there is extra help for people spot your listing.

Professional Standards Authority has updated their Accredited Registers search function – and you are listed. It’s extra user-friendly and allows any interested party to search for healthcare professionals who are either regulated or on a register. And it gets a high ranking from search engines. Let your marketing manager know!

PSA are also using the URL www.checkapractitioner.com for marketing purposes.


Treatments you can Trust to renew accreditation by Professional Standards Authority

TYCT is undergoing its annual re-assessment by PSA. PSA will be calling for comments – we will forward the call to you. Please take time to comment to them.

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